Reiki is a discipline formation that  connects the practitioner into the Energy Grid of our reality and using the energy flow for touch healing that works on the subtle human energy body (aura and chakras). The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words put together; Rei means King but the Japanese adopted the word to […]

Question from Becky: “How does meditating with crystals work?  I understand it’s all about the vibrations, but that’s about all i understand.” Thanks for your question! Crystals are created by specific geometric patterns of molecules and atoms repeating and emitting a constant vibration. You can actually feel this vibration when you learn to sense that energy. […]

Question from Becky: “What is the difference between ‘magick’ and ‘magic’? There’s a big difference between these two words. Using the ‘K’ means the word is speaking about spell casting for changing your reality. The term ‘magick’ was coined by some (famous) craft practitioners to define the science of using manifestation through ritual changes in reality. Magic […]

Question from Alex: “I am interested in ways to help me have a peaceful and as pain-free as possible birth – anything that can help with labor and delivery?” Congrats Alex! Babies are the most joyous events of life! Childbirth is so exciting but also a little stressful. Let’s choose a few essential oils (EO’s) known to help […]

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