April 3, 2014

How To: Grow Love

Love begins within ourselves. You must first love yourself, be comfortable in your skin, embrace your being before you can truly love another. These elements will call in your intention for self love, while deepening your connection to loved ones around you. Amplify love within and between a family member or friend.

Rose Essential Oil
Refresh the soul with rose essential oil. The scent of roses opens your heart and moves your thoughts to the intention of love while enhancing your own inner beauty. Use the oil on your skin, on candles or to mist a room to shift your energy towards loving vibrations.

Doves are associated with the mythological goddess of love known as Aphrodite or Venus. They also represent peace, monogamy and loyalty in relationships. Add imagery of doves in your bedroom to alter and magnify your intention for love.

Love Meditation Kit
The love meditation kit by InnerTrinsix combines all of the essential elements for a powerful love intention. This kit includes a candle, essential oil, crystal, mantras, herb sachet, aromatherapy spray and much more- everything you need to call in even more love.

Photo Credit: Christina Monroe  

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  1. […] Let’s begin with the New Moon phase. It’s all about new beginnings and creating change. A very subjective time to focus on unity, self empowerment and acceptance. Both new and full moons are the best time to manifest protection and love. […]


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