March 28, 2014

Meditation Kits

Kimberly, the co-founder of Luna’s Vault offers a large variety of products to enhance your intentions through InnerTrinsix.

Drawing from many spiritual paths from around the globe, the Meditation Kits offered by InnerTrinsix provide world wisdom for your intention. Each Meditation Kit focuses on one certain purpose and brings culture and spiritual teachings, encompassing all aspects of world wisdom. It teaches you how to use energies, with known associations, to be a physical connection between you and your intention. Utilizing all aspects of the Meditation Kit will bring you closer every day to your desires.

Original artwork decorates each Meditation Kit with beautiful images and colors describing a specific intention. The contents of these Meditation Kits are hand crafted with all-natural ingredients focusing on one specific intention while bringing together cultural and spiritual teachings, of past and present, that encompass all aspects of world wisdom.

Meditation Kits comes with an instructional letter and the following items, every one unique to the intention or astrological sign of your choice:

Tangible Items: essential oil soy candle, essential oil Soul Spray, herb sachet, packet of seeds, gemstone, bundle of incense, handcrafted journal from Nepal & an instruction booklet.

Awareness List: colors, numbers, mantras or daily affirmations, animals, days of the week &/or month, moon phases and many other eye openers.

Meditation Kit Intentions:





Good Health

Emotional Healing

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